Beauty Box: How to get Bombshell Hair

Beauty Box: How to get Bombshell Hair
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I’ve never really liked my hair much. It’s super thin so it’s hard to create very many styles with it and my ponytails are so pathetic looking. Once our editor in chief herself, Hilary Pendleton, referred to my hair as “baby hair” as she struggled to tease it for more volume. As frustrating as it is to have hair that often falls flat, I do relish in the fact that it’ll never take me longer than 5 minutes to completely dry my hair. You win some, you lose some.

Throughout the years I’ve tried various different ways to give it that sexy, voluminous Victoria’s Secret hair but was usually disappointed in the results. Lucky for me, I’ve finally found a product that does the trick! Aveda (the best smelling brand ever) has a brilliant little creation called Pure Abundance Hair Potion. After using it, I discovered why they call it a potion: it works like magic.

The product itself is a very strange substance that comes out of the bottle as powder but then thickens and gets a little wet as you apply it to the roots of your hair. It’s one of the strangest things ever but also very cool (science!). You simply dump a little bit into your hair and then rake it through your roots. Flip your hair upside down, give it a little shake, and then whip it back. Boom! It’s like your hair explodes. The bottle claims that it thickens hair up to 17%, which doesn’t sound big, but when you have thin hair like me, it makes all the difference. I feel like a model or a hot Texan girl practicing the idea that “the higher to hair, the closer to God.”

It’s not the cheapest product, retailing at $24 for just .7 oz, however it is worth every penny.

Need to Know: I was told by the sales person to never store this product where it gets humid or damp (such as a bathroom) and to not shake it. Apparently this doing so can destroy the product.