Character Wear: Belle

Character Wear: Belle

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Belle: Beauty and the Beast

We all have our favorite Disney characters and often the one we pick is because we feel we can relate to them. My favorite character was Belle from Beauty and the Beast because I was always a bit of a bookish nerd and I liked how brave she was for standing up to the beast when he was being a jerk. I still find the fact that she falls in love with him even though she’s his prisoner (Stockholm Syndrome?), but one benefit of being imprisoned in the castle was that she got a fabulous wardrobe makeover. Before meeting Beast, she strolled around town in a blue dress and an apron like some kind of peasant. After her imprisonment, she was often seen rocking a gorgeous oxblood cape (how trendy!) and of course that glamorous yellow dress. Obviously most of us aren’t traipsing around castles all day, so I found a way to work Belle’s castle clothes into everyday life. Now if I could just figure out a way to have a library like hers…

Sleeveless dress
$155 –


Lace up boots
$40 –

Pink clutch
$13 –

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