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The Style Guru: A Legging Run Down

The Style Guru: A Legging Run Down

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Its time for a run down of this seasons in style leggings! There’s so many styles to choose from this year it’ll be hard to go wrong, but there are a few main themes running through the legging world. The most trendy themes are leggings made of leather, leggings with interesting prints and leggings that carry eye-catching detailing. Everyone has their basic’s, you know those old black leggings or Jodhpur style, so this season keep your eyes out for leggings that carry interesting details and unique patterns that really stand out!

Haven’t you noticed this season leather is one of the most popular trends, on the backs and in the hands of every other person walking down the street? It’s no surprise leather and faux leather leggings are super hot this season! With colours trending in black, navy blue, beige, forest green and burgundy! Have you gone shopping and over heard other customers inquiring about leather leggings!? Maybe retailers should create a giant arrow or sign pointing to their selection! That is, if they aren’t all sold out, which seems to be case now that we are plunging deeper into fall! If you cant find any in store don’t fret, there are many just a click away! + +’re already aware of this seasons printed pant trend. Naturally the leggings are also printed however, they offer a more playful canvas when it comes to the possibilities of the print itself. Like printing in larger scale, carrying intense colours and displaying intricate detailing! Majority of the print’s you’ll come across in retail stores will either be florals or interesting geometric’s! Don’t mistake the floral print for spring and summer, when it’s printed on leggings it becomes very versatile with the selection of colour and types of florals used. Leggings this season may even display whole  images as print’s, they will look like you’re wearing an entire piece of art or photo wrapped around your legs! + + +

Detailed leggings can be a combination of different fabrics, different colours (with colour blocking) and even ombré! For instance, a combination of mesh pieces, leather chunks and or knit running through the leggings. Or how about liquid chrome metallic’s toned down with a mix of solid knit sections, this gives just enough detailing and contrast to make your outfit pop! +

Remember, leggings differ from regular pants and nylons because of their outstanding level of comfort and added warmth! Typically you can wear them under a dress or a skirt, but since this seasons leggings are such a statement piece, you can easily wear them under an over sized blouse, chunky sweater or as pants! Just make sure your top is long enough to cover all or most of your bottom. There are many textures, prints or details to choose from, but no matter which pair you purchase they will be very versatile which is just another bonus about leggings! Head out and shop around for  a pair that will suit your unique style! Don’t forget to check out online shops like ASOS and Black Milk, they’re in the forefront with a selection of great leggings!

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