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The Style Guru: A Legging Run Down

The Style Guru: A Legging Run Down

Its time for a run down of this seasons in style leggings! There’s so many styles to choose from this year it’ll be hard to go wrong, but there are a few main themes running through the legging world. The most trendy themes are leggings […]

Guest Feature: Tough Chic by Anya Sarre

Guest Feature: Tough Chic by Anya Sarre

Nothing brightens up your day like stepping out of the house in a killer outfit. Dressing yourself is the easiest way to let your inner goddess shine. So bring out your beauty for all to see. Knowing your stepping out looking your best is the […]

The Style Guru: Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy


The Style Guru: Leather Invasion

Leather is ruling the fashion scene this winter.  Elegant and stylish, leather is everywhere and it’s no longer just in the accessories department.  Leather trimmings are appearing on shirts, shorts, tops, dresses, and of course, jackets.  I normally shy away from leather but with the […]

Conscious Fashion: Leather for Cow-Lovers

This month, Free People debuted a line of vegan leather! The line includes shorts, a skirt, pants, and an adorable jacket. Vegan leather is not made from any animal products; it is a synthetic fabric, so yay for happy cows! I still don’t know if I’m brave […]

From the Editor: Longchamp; Le Pilage

So I’ve been traveling around Europe for about 3 1/2 weeks now and have noticed the majority of women carrying around a navy blue nylon handbag with brown leather handles. Being a woman who likes to keep up with her fashion trends and never seeing […]