Beauty Box: Sexy and Sophisticated

Just recently I celebrated my 20th birthday. Along with the minor freak out of not being a teenager anymore, I thought to myself this is the time to grow up, step outside of the drab look of half-done makeup and spice it up a little bit. Of course I spent hours trying to find the perfect outfit and threw a little tantrum when my hair was not exactly perfect. But all problems solved one problem I did not run into luckily, was achieving the perfect look with makeup. Still young and fresh, but also sexy and sophisticated as I was turning 20. Not teenager anymore, this special occasion called for a special look.

I do not use powder blush often because I do not like how it cakes onto my face, so naturally I opt to using liquid blush that also doubles as lip gloss. But I have a blush by Nars Cosmetics that I was dying to use for this occasion. A little inappropriate of a name, Super Orgasm, this blush is a show stopper. But hey, the name holds true to the reaction you get when it is on!  A light peach color, containing small gold glitter specs that give you a perfect glow when the light hits your face. Unlike the normal pinks, or peaches, this blush adds dimension and the small gold specs add a little unexpected sex appeal to your look.

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Although expensive, $28.00 for a small compact, this is a product that I use sparingly and on special occasions. So if you are looking for something to spice up your look for a hot night out or just want that little extra glow this blush needs to be apart of your collection. This is one investment that I am willing to make and am sure to use it only when the time calls!

It is also a celebrity favorite as stars such as Leighton Meester have been caught on the red carpet rocking this item!