Beauty Box: Pure Maracuja Oil

Beauty Box: Pure Maracuja Oil

Ever looking for that perfect moisturizer that doesn’t leave your face feeling oily and shiny after? I’ve gone through many different brands and although I am loyal to Neutrogena, I decided to try a free same I have gotten from Tarte Cosmetics. Pure Maracuja Oil is a little miracle in a bottle. This moisturizer is referred to as the “pure miracle,” as it is organic and rich in Vitamin C. Pure Maracuja Oil leaves your skin feeling firmer, smoother, and appearing brighter after just one use.

Place small two drops in your hands and rub them together and then apply to a freshly washed face and you will be golden. Instantly your face will appear brighter and contain a natural radiant glow. This oil absorbs quickly so you can either put it on before bed feeling refreshed, or apply it before putting your makeup on for the day. It is light so you won’t feel like you have many extra layers piling up with your makeup on as well.

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The only downside of this product is the price. Advertised at $46.00 for 50 mL, I will admit that is a sticker shock. Receiving a sample was great as I got to test out the product, however I would really need to think twice before investing a large amount of money on such a small amount of product. Although it truly ┬áis a miracle worker, if I ever purchased the “full” bottle, I would make sure to use it sparingly.

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