The Style Guru: Hip Emphasis

The Style Guru: Hip Emphasis

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This season the hips are in full swing!  It’s definitely not a time to disguise your curves, but rather highlight them with subtle or extravagant accents! It might seem over the top or even couture to walk around wearing a garment that accentuates your hips, and some of your might be wondering why in the world anyone would want to draw attention to that area! But the question is why wouldn’t you?

You emphasize your legs with heels, your shoulders with padding and your hair with hair spray (maybe some backcombing too). So what would make emphasizing your curve with a peplum skirt any different!? Hips are a beautiful thing!

The silhouettes coming down the runways where big on hips with peplums, padding and even panniers! The F/W 2012 Lanvin collection is beautiful example of this super chic ready to wear trend!

Generally what you’ll find in retails stores will be hip accents in peplum dresses, skirts, shirts and jackets! Peplum is the easiest way to add a subtle accent to your hip with a variety sizes and style in the flare. It’s also very versatile in its ability to dress down into street wear and up for special events.

Padded dresses are also popular too, although you won’t necessary find them in every retail store. Padded dresses are actually very practical to wear, but perhaps not the right look for your everyday. Retail shops like Zara offer styles of padded dress that are super trendy and perfect for a night out or special event!

Now if you wanted a pannier skirt or dress, you would most definitely need to head into the designer brand territory, or head to small boutiques that offer high fashion designs!

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