The Style Guru: Frosted Collars

The Style Guru: Frosted Collars

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It’s finally their time to shine; the collar is stealing the limelight on literally any garment possible these days! It began trending seasons ago with shape, like the peter pan, bow or shawl collar. The trendy collar shapes have now evolved into trending collar embellishments! So now we have an array of different collar types with just as many embellished to choose from!

Jewels, studs, chains, pearls, other metal fixtures and contrast fabric like fur can be found adorn to majority of collars this season! The best part about this fun trend is the playfulness and the sense of adventure due to the option of buying detachable collars! Detachable collars act more like accessories, which you can use to dress up just about any garment! Because you can easily do and undo, there isn’t a real commitment like buying a whole shirt and you get the flexibility of mixing and matching. Also not to mention its cheaper buying just a collar, which  means you could technically get more bang for your buck!








Since the cold weather is undoubtedly upon us, the embellished collar works wonders adding an instant update to items like cardigans or chunky pullover sweaters! The spritz of eye catching details in the collar can add to your cozy look by making it look more polished and chic! Don’t forget when layering it’s always best to not match your collar to the rest of your outfit so it can really stand out. You might think it’s too quirky or too playful looking, but it actually draws people into your face by creating a point of interest!

If you’re feeling crafty, embellished collars are an easy DIY! Head to your local craft and fabric stores to scoop up little embellishments to sew, iron or fabric glue onto your collars! You can even check out accessories like pins and broaches to simply pin onto your collar, that way you can easily unpin later!

Zara and H&M have a great selection of frosted collars, but many other big name retailers do too! H&M have many detachable collars while other retailers carry more shirts/blouses with the collars already embellished!


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