Design DIY: Pillowcase to Infinity Scarf DIY

Design DIY: Pillowcase to Infinity Scarf DIY

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There’s a freeze warning in Phoenix today. Inspired by this unusually chilly weather, I decided to tackle a DIY that I’ve been dying to do for a few weeks now; turn a jersey pillowcase into a circle scarf. And let me tell you, I’m in love. This project was ridiculously easy and though it required some sewing, there is a “no-sew” alternative which I’ll mention later on in this post. The idea was inspired by the ever-popular circle scarf from American Apparel. While I love American Apparel, I can’t bring myself to spend $28.00 on one. This scarf is a dead ringer for theirs and will only cost you $12.00 for TWO scarves! One for yourself and one for a friend or both for yourself, I wont judge.  Alright, let’s begin.


  • One jersey fabric pillowcase (I purchased this one from Target for $12.00, King size. I do love the extra long length, but IMO you could totally go with a Queen and be fine. You’d also save a few bucks. Pillowcases are generally sold in pairs so use the second as a back-up, gift, extra one for yourself or as a traditional pillowcase on your bed!)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine (If you want to do a “no-sew” version, I recommend gluing with Fabri-Tac glue as a sewing substitute. This is the same glue I used in my TOMS DIY here.
  • Thread
*Note: The pictures are step-by-step with instructions but since the material is so long, it’s hard to get all of it in one shot. I always do my best to answer questions to please leave a comment if you need any help or clarification at all! Thanks for reading Carbon!

Good luck!

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