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Author: Mary Wright

Beauty Box: All Natural to All Out

Dying for that perfect natural look without all the fuss and confusion of how to apply? Well, I have finally found an eye-shadow palette that not only is ideal for daytime, but can be used to spice up your look for night-time as well. I […]

Beauty Box: Shine No More

There is nothing worse during the summertime, or any time of the year for that matter, than dealing with the extra oil that always seems to appear on my face. Over and over I wash my face to get rid of the extra oil, but […]

Beauty Box: Mile Long Lashes

I’ve always wondered how celebrities on the red carpet get those gorgeous full, long lashes. Well, a logical conclusion would be false eyelashes. My struggle is not only finding the right pair for my eyes, but then also applying them to look natural. So, after […]

Beauty Box: Silky, Smooth Moisture

We all know that with the seasons beginning to change there is no avoiding that flaky dry skin we all hate. After trying nearly every organic lotion possible on the market, I ran into a new line of products by Tree Hut. I immediately purchased […]