Author: Mary Wright

Beauty Box: Hempz Body Moisturizer

It’s that time of year again; the summer is beginning to come to an end, seasons are changing and our bodies are in full force trying to adjust going from hot and sticky weather to cool and breezy temperatures. My skin is starting to lose 

Beauty Box: Making A Statement

Without a doubt it has been proven in the fashion industry that makeup can really make a statement. Adding pops of color to eyes, cheeks, or lips to make an outfit complete. Makeup is not only thing making a statement lately! Nail polish is also 

Beauty Box: Easy Off

Sleeping in eye makeup is not only harmful to your eyes and skin, but also an issue when you wake up with mascara and eye shadow smeared all over your face, and end up with residue left on your pillow. I for one wash my 

Beauty Box: What A Tease

I certainly have those days where my hair just does not want to cooperate what so ever. It becomes frustrating to get that perfect pony tail or wear my hair down without it going limp. Just like most other things in life when you need 

Beauty Box: Kiss These Lips

Of course we all know by now that I absolutely adore Benefit Cosmetics. Well, yet again, I can say that I am definitely not disappointed in my purchase! I am not really a big fan of lip stick or lip gloss for that matter. I 

Beauty Box: Maybelline Baby Lips

I am not sure of anyone who enjoys having dry, sunburnt, or cracked lips. If you are someone who finds pleasure in having this issue, then well…I am not sure what to tell you. Throughout the year I find myself with these certain issues on 

Beauty Box: Stay Put

Picture this… you are all ready to go out, the perfect outfit, hair, and makeup all done and ready for a night on the town, or simply just looking great for the day. It is hot and humid and although you have on a lightweight 

Beauty Box: From Beach to Chic

If there is one issue that I can guarantee most females have come across in their life, besides those with friends, boys, and clothing, it is creating that little extra volume in our hair so it does not lay flat and limp. Personally, I have 

Beauty Box: All Clear

There are many face lotions, washes, scrubs, moisturizers and other products out in the market right now advertised to give you that “perfect glow.” But, many times these washes only touch the surface of the skin not grabbing all the dirts and oils that are 

Beauty Box: Mango Madness

That gorgeous summer glow is certainly desirable for many this time of year. Along with that perfect sun-kissed tan, most people find themselves wanting a little extra color in their face. What better to enhance a natural beauty with a peach colored blush. Adding a