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Kingsley’s Corner

Kingsley’s Corner: Last Week Continued..

So we finally finished our terrifying car ride and Hilary came around and picked me up off Brit’s lap. She brought me inside this new place. We had to cross many rocks to even get to the front door. Once we arrived, we came in […]

Kingsley’s Corner: I Will Never Like Car Rides

Hey everyone, Kingsley here. I just wanted to share what happened this past week with you all. It’s been a hectic one at that. If I were to describe it in a few words I would just say,”Mmeeeooowwwww!” Last week everything in our house was […]

Kingsley’s Corner: Just Relax!

I know everyone probably thinks us cats just take naps all day but I think I can say most of us don’t. From my own perspective, I have to say that humans sleep a lot and all at one time. I’m not sure how anyone […]

Kingsley’s Corner: Wataa

To all my fellow cat friends out there reading this, do you sometimes feel like a human? You know, when you feel like you are really one of the family members?  I know I do! Lately I’ve noticed that I have been getting to do […]

Kingsley’s Corner: Success!

I’m sure all of you Carbon readers have heard that Hilary is back from Europe! I was so happy to see her and it took us a while to catch up, but I am so glad I have Hilary back home. Soon after she returned, […]

Kingsley’s Corner: I’m Just So Confused

Hey everyone, remember last week? I learned a few things. For instance, cat litter does not taste very good and my litter box seems to be changing in size and location quite frequently. I just wanted to give everyone a little update about the bathroom […]

Kingsley’s Corner: CitiKitty, Changing Things Up

So here’s an update from last week.. My  bathroom was only in the shower for a couple of days until Brit saw me using it still. I wasn’t sure why that was bad, but she took it and completely cleaned it out and left it […]

Kingsley’s Corner: CitiKitty Day One

Kingsley’s Corner: CitiKitty Day One

So recently I told you guys about how my bathroom was going somewhere and we might be getting a kitten. Well, so far we have not gotten a kitten and my litter box is still here. I’m a little confused but let me tell you […]

Kingsley’s Corner: Mom??

I think Hilary has gone missing? I’m so confused! She was here a couple weeks ago but she hasn’t come home since she filled up a suitcase within like an hour and then left with her boyfriend. It seemed so sudden that I thought she […]

Kingsley’s Corner: Sweet Dreams

I don’t know about you guys but all of this summer heat has been making me so exhausted and hungry! Lately, I’ve just been lounging around on Hilary and Brittany’s beds and taking nice long naps. It’s been so nice now that everyone is out […]