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The Style Guru: Sequin Sass

The Style Guru: Sequin Sass

Certain trends tend to swing in and out of the fashion scene, and depending on what trend it is some of us are very thankful they do! Either we sigh in relief “So glad (__insert trend here__) is finally out of style. Sigh, we better…

The Style Guru: Last Minute Holidays

With summer coming to an end, last minute getaways are becoming popular! My news feed is full of holiday snap shots (I’m getting so jealous). Packing wisely for them can be tricky as the nights will be a little cooler. If you can condense your…

From the Editor: Happy Holidays

 We want to wish you a fashionable happy holidays this year.

From the Editor: Jewelry Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and sometimes shopping for friends can be a confusing hassle. You want to show your friends that you care, but frankly, you don’t want to spend too much or give them too cheap of a gift. I suggest giving your good…