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The Style Guru: Sequin Sass

The Style Guru: Sequin Sass

Certain trends tend to swing in and out of the fashion scene, and depending on what trend it is some of us are very thankful they do! Either we sigh in relief “So glad (__insert trend here__) is finally out of style. Sigh, we better […]

The Style Guru: Winter Whites

The Style Guru: Winter Whites

Don’t wear white after Labor Day! How many times have you heard that daffy saying!? Some still abide by that statement and really frown upon wearing white after Labor Day. Some aren’t sure why that saying exists at all, therefore shy away from white ‘just […]

Couture Buys for the College Budget: Winter Weather Got You Down?

Winter Looks for Less: Dorothy Perkins Dress $50, Dorothy Perkins Faux Fur Coat $39, DSW Boots $33, Debenhams Clutch $28, John Lewis Jewelry $47 Though winter weather is right around the corner, the freezing temperatures and chilling winds are no match for your pea coats, UGG boots, […]

Couture Buys for the College Budget: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Recap

It happened. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 hit CBS on November 30th. You watched the Victoria’s Secret Angels grace the runway with their seven foot legs, chiseled abdominals, and cascading hair falling over the shimmering feathers of their wings. While our boyfriends drooled over Alessandra’s flirtatious winks and […]

Kingsley’s Corner: Headgear

To all the cats out there: Has anyone ever been dressed up before? Unfortunately, I have! Like I have said before, I am a big cat! Since I have such nice curves, I tend to look a little ridiculous when I wear (or forced to […]