The Style Guru: Midriff Exposed

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I hope completing one hundred stomach crunches a day made it to your New Year’s resolutions list. Why? 2012 is the year to expose the midriff.  Designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Emilio Pucci’s runways sported the flashing of the midriff as if they had run out of fabric.

This is not your time to dress as nineties Britney or eighties Madonna . Avoid wearing a skimpy bandeau and a low waisted pair of hot pants. Instead, think Brigitte Bardot. Classy and understated, showing only glimpses of skin between a high-waisted pair of shorts and a crop top.


In you’re not too confident with this look, try wearing a closed blazer and a bra top that exposes just a flash of skin. It will look grown up and sexy while still covering most of your stomach.  Leaving the area under your breast bone visible with a skirt that comes up near your rib cage also works really well as this area is always flatter than your stomach.

For girls who dare to bare,  go wild with this look and wear cute ballet bras with skirts or pants that barely cover your belly button.  Long sleeve tops that are cropped just below your rib cage can look really quirky when worn with slightly low waisted shorts or maxi skirts. 

Colours that make this look fresh are feminine, sherbet hues and virginal whites worn with bold, bright colours.