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college gloss

There are a few items of clothing that will always be basic staple pieces. College Gloss touches on two in their recent articles that I’m going to share with you. The first one being the t-shirt!

College Gloss shows us how versatile a classic t-shirt can be. They share ten ways to wear our tees so that we can switch it up on any given day. My favorite outfit is a t-shirt and jeans. It’s so comfortable and will never go out of style!

Pair your T-shirt with:
1. Cardigan + skinny jeans + flats + scarf
2. Blazer + dark skinny jeans + booties
3. Chunky knit sweater + leggings + boots
4. Tucked into a skirt + bold statement necklace
5. Colored skinny pants + flats + long layered necklace
6. Leather jacket + riding pants + booties
7. Layered over maxi dress + cinched with a belt + sandals
8. Fringe vest + denim shorts + fedora
9. High-waisted shorts + bright-colored belt + pumps
10. Body con skirt + choker necklace + strappy heels

The second basic piece of clothing that I feel everyone needs is a pair of black pants. I wear black pants almost every day. I believe that they are an absolute staple item. College Gloss tells us three ways to wear them so they don’t become dull!

1. Dress Over Pants – wear them under your favorite dress to add a unique effect
2. Don’t Be Afraid to be Basic – don’t be afraid to wear a basic top with your black pants. Add accessories to shake it up a little!
3. Make It Cute – go bold by adding some really spunky heels and tight shirts. Have fun with your outfits!

Don’t start the New Year off with a dull perspective on your black pants and tees. Just learn how to wear them so you never feel boring!