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In the world of fashion it’s not all about the clothing! Its also about the way we feel in the clothes and if we’re not confident in ourselves then we’re not going to shine in our fashions! College Gloss wrote a fabulous article called “It’s Not About the Size” which talks about Lisa Kimelman’s discovery of fashion as she deals with her husbands trial. She was featured in Elle Magazine saying,

“José, so patient with my fashion prejudices for so long, finally seemed to have reached the end of his rope: ‘Do you think people you see on the street who look meticulous, do you think they just walk into a store and buy something that fits them? Everybody alters. That’s why they look so great. It was a revelation to me: Everybody alters? You mean they don’t all fit naturally into beautiful clothes? They don’t all know instinctively which heels to wear with leggings? They aren’t all size 00 and earning $250,000 a year…?”

College Gloss goes on to say that we’re not all supposed to be a size 0. Curvy girls aren’t supposed to try to fit into a size 0, we’re supposed to find the size and look that flatters our body the most. We don’t alter our body to fit the clothes, we alter the clothes to fit our bodies. The article gives pointers to each one of our body shapes.

“If you’re a naturally thin girl, embrace that. Find clothing that flatters your slenderness and that gives you curves and shape where you may not have any. This may include ruffles, pencil skirts, bows, artistic designs/patterns, etc.

Those of you who have a bigger build, don’t ever be ashamed. Wear clothes that accentuate your waistline and flattering features. Wide leg pants, V-necks, tunics, etc.

Don’t forget about the luxury of comfort. But don’t be so absent-minded that you forget that you should look nice everyday, no matter what. Sweats are good now and then, but not all the time.”

The most important thing is dressing in a way that makes you feel good about yourself! Be confident in what you wear by finding the best fit for your body!! Don’t stress about not being a size 0!

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