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Beauty Box: Smith’s Rosebud Salve

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Like most ladies, I understand the importance of a good pout. Lips that are dry and cracking aren’t appealing to anyone and they definitely aren’t appealing to a potential make-out partner. When it comes to what I’ll put on my lips, I can be pretty picky. I don’t like wearing lip gloss because I feel like no matter what the advertisements say, lip gloss is always too sticky. My hair gets stuck in it, it feels gross on my lips, and my boyfriend probably hates when it rubs off onto him. So for keeping my lips moist, I try to stick to lip balm or chap stick. About a year ago, I discovered Smith’s Rosebud Salve, and since then, there has been no going back.

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What I like most about this salve is how lightweight it is. When you put it on, it doesn’t feel too heavy or thick on your lips. It’s also not sticky and my boyfriend has never once complained about it coming off on him. In fact, he loves the way it smells and so do I. Made from all-natural ingredients, it smells like fresh roses and there is no weird chemical scent to it. It also comes in mint and strawberry for those who prefer more of a scent to their lip balm.

Though it’s not long lasting, and you will need to reapply throughout the day, one $7 can of this stuff will last forever. I bought the one in my purse about 6 months ago and it looks as though it has about another 5 left in it.

This salve is also good for things besides moisturizing your lips. Because it’s so lightweight, I often use it on dry patches of skin and it’s great for taming fly-away hairs.

The only complaint I have about this stuff has to do with the packaging. It comes in a adorable retro looking tin can with a lid that has a tendency to get stuck. I have had to throw a half-used tin away once because I could not get the lid off. I think this is mostly a summer problem, because the heat causes the balm to melt inside the can, causing the lid to stick. It also comes in a tube, so you can completely avoid that problem. However, I prefer the tin because in the tube the product seems more glossy and less balmy.

After trying this product, I converted to being a Smith’s Rosebud Salve buyer for life, so I definitely recommend it to everyone.

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