Conscious Fashion: Dreamin’ of Denim

Spring fashion has long been a time of transition; we gradually slump off our heavy winter coats and dawn new threads. Each Spring, the fabrics get a little brighter, prints become a little cheerier and the material gets a little lighter. Spring 2012 is no different.

Photo Credit: REUSE jeans

However, the focus this season can be seen from the bottom up: jeans. Colored jeans are taking the stage and will be key for this season. Whether it’s pastel shades or primary hues, I can’t take my eyes off of colored denim. Here at Carbon, we’ve stressed the importance of recycling and reusing clothes, but sometimes this can be time consuming. Luckily, brands such as REUSE jeans have done the dirty work and are a great option when searching for denim this Spring.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in just one year, Americans generate more than 11.8 million tons of textile; that’s an astounding 10 pounds per person! REUSE strives to continually evolve and better the denim development process. By using 80%  recycled materials, REUSE jeans are helping consumers “step into a smaller carbon footprint one leg at a time” (