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Designer Spotlight: SOONISNOON

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Spring has been all about the high waist. Shorts, skinnies, pleated capris; they’ve taken over. This look is fresh and trendy, but incomplete without an edgy graphic tee to match.  Connor Corrigan of Soon is Noon creates statement making tees for men & women, perfect for layering and styling your favorite looks.

Carbon Magazine: Tell us a little about your company.

Connor: My little baby named SOONISNOON was born in the slums of Costa Mesa, CA and has migrated to the origins of
America in Boston, MA.

CM: What is SOONISNOON’s style?

C: Since the beginning, SOONISNOON has been about creating practical and functional clothing with an edge.

We strive for private hobo club, if that makes any sense.

CM: What makes SIN different from other tee companies?

C: There are too many companies making too many products.

There are no small leisure wear brands in America making collections that work together. Our goal is to create products that are
meant to be worn together. It is a similar process that high street fashion houses use, without charging you an arm and a leg.

CM: What is your favorite spring/summer trend thus far?

C: Acetate sunglasses. I just lost my sunglasses in Miami so that’s all I’ve have been thinking about.

CM: If you could see SIN tees on a celebrity, who would it be?

C: No celebrities yet. I get way too pumped just seeing my friends wear my designs, so it might be too much to see em on some famous person.

CM: What age group is your brand directed towards?

C: Young to middle-aged guys and girls seem to react the best to what I have been producing. So I guess that’s
my market…

CM: What is your favorite design you’ve created?

C: For a while I was really into Iggy Pop and the whole L.E.S. rocker scene. I really wanted to make a leather jacket that was inspired from that vibe but at the same time I also wanted something that I could wear to school and it wouldn’t be all shiny and shit. Out of that mindset came my Iggy Jacket, which consists of a thick fleece hoodie with cross hatched lambskin leather on the shoulders. I think it creates a great bridge between casual sportswear and hardcore leather.

CM: How do you stay up to date with trends?

C: I try to follow what is going on in the high street fashion world, but it usually consists of inconvenient nonsense. From what I have found, the best way to stay relevant in such an ever changing market is to expose yourself to as much as you can, and take away from it what gets you excited.

CM: Describe your city’s style.

C: As of right now, I am constantly back and forth between Los Angeles and Boston, and it goes without saying that they are pretty different. LA is pretty buck wild in terms of artistic possibilities, and it is where all of the my clothing is made. Boston, on the
other hand, is a pretty wild scene with all of the young people. It’s a good combo.

CM: Advice for up & coming designers?

C“Don’t be a prisoner of your own style. There are so many pockets of culture all over the world, and if you know where to look you can get some crazy inspiration.”


When I received my Soon is Noon tee, I was siked about the design and layering. Comfort is number one in my college student wardrobe, so when I threw my Soon is Noon tee on, I was even more satisfied. The tees are incredibly comfortable and sized perfectly. I wore my soon is noon graphic tee with my high-waist denim shorts for a spotlighted top. Nothing is better than
looking edgy and feeling like you’re in a soft sleep shirt. Connor’s designs will be perfect for pairing this summer.

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