Conscious Fashion: Raven+Lily

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When looking for eco-friendly designers and clothing lines, there is always a fine line between fashionable and frumpy. I’ve found that a lot of eco-friendly lines, although better for the environment, may not necessarily be better for your wardrobe. Luckily, Raven + Lily is the exact opposite of this. In fact, after discovering this site, I am seriously contemplating hiding my wallet. Raven + Lily is a clothing, jewelry and beauty line (what more could you want?!) that is both fashion forward and socially responsible. R+L upholds fair trade standards and uses design partnerships to empower women in developing countries. Each unique collection features select handmade and eco-friendly accessories and jewelry from Ethiopia or North India.

Photo Credit: Raven and Lily

The Ethiopia Collection features necklaces and bracelets that are made from repurposed bullet casings. The thing I love about this particular collection is the idea that beauty can come from pain. As R+L so eloquently puts it: “What was once meant for harm now brings hope and life” ( The Ethiopia Collection also benefits HIV-positive women living in Ethiopia. The second collection, The India Collection, is made up of hand carved wood journals and metallic leather jewelry. This collections empowers Muslim women in Northern India.

Photo Credit:Raven and Lily

The pieces in each collection have their own beauty and also reflect the beauty and culture of the women who made it. Raven and Lily does a great job of offering a glimpse into how their products are made as well as a special look into the lives of the artisans. The Behind the Scenes section of the website is dedicated to the beautiful and courageous women that contribute to each collection.

A few of product favorites are: the Wood & Gold Leather Bangles and the Zia Chevron Leather Earrings from the India Collection.

Photo Credit: Raven and Lily

The Elsabet Triple Silver Tube Necklace from the Ethiopia Collection:

Photo Credit: Raven and Lily


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