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Conscious Fashion: Reinvented Jewelry

Giving everyday items a new life happens to be one of my favorite things. Belts as headbands? Absolutely. Vintage doors as a headboard? Count me in. Silverware as jewelry? Yes, please! I’ve tried the first two ideas and recently came across the third. After hearing […]

Conscious Fashion: Design Lust

Eight years ago while walking through the mall with friends, I saw the most exquisite pair of sandals. Featuring a half-inch heel and smooth leather construction, these sandals made my mouth drop. But, the real knock-out element was the sandal strap detail. The top strap […]

Conscious Fashion: Empowerment Circle

She made us laugh in Legally Blonde and stole our hearts in Sweet Home Alabama. With her bright and bubbly personality, it’s hard not to like Reese Witherspoon. What you may not know is that Reese Witherspoon is an Avon Global Ambassador & the Honorary Chairman […]

Conscious Fashion: Raven+Lily

When looking for eco-friendly designers and clothing lines, there is always a fine line between fashionable and frumpy. I’ve found that a lot of eco-friendly lines, although better for the environment, may not necessarily be better for your wardrobe. Luckily, Raven + Lily is the […]

From the Editor: Geometric Obsession

After browsing around on Etsy, I stumbled upon A Spoonful of Mint’s store. A delightful find, I must say. The Swedish jewelry collection featured modern and fashion-forward geometric designs. I can’t stop thinking about how perfectly this necklace would look with a crisp white button-down, […]

Linked to Fashion: Fall Fashion Must-Haves

College Gloss brings us a wonderful article on their favorite fall must-have accessories. I love accessories from jewelry to shoes. Accessories can help you play up your outfit and add a little spunk or color where it may have been lacking. College Gloss shares with us […]

Conscious Fashion: The Infinite Flip Flop

The other day, I was walking across a pool deck and my flip flop strap snapped and broke.  I was miffed.  This was a huge bummer because they weren’t even old and I didn’t have any other shoes with me.  But more irritating, I couldn’t […]

Character Wear: Wonder Woman

She’s a symbol of justice and love. Channel your inner warrior and look like Wonder Woman with this inspired set. American Apparel nylon dress $48 – Kg short heels 39 – 14 karat gold jewelry $63 – Forever21 patent belt $2.50 – MAC – Wonder Woman – Eye Shadow […]

Funky Fixes: Stretch Rings

Funky Fixes: Stretch Rings

Did you know that your fingers can change sizes throughout the day? No, they won’t grow a few inches longer, but they may swell up. If you wear rings, you may have noticed this before. Sometimes your ring slides on easily, while other times it […]

Funky Fixes: Necklace Hooks

Funky Fixes: Necklace Hooks

I admit it; long dangly necklaces happen to be an obsession of mine. Whether it’s the length, the sparkle, or they way they spice up an outfit, I can’t help but love them. For as long as I can remember, I have been using a […]