Conscious Fashion: Obsessive Compulsive

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Shoes in a line? Check. Purses straight? Check. Clothing arranged by color? Check. Okay, so maybe all of those don’t apply to you, but I think we can each admit that we have a little obsessive compulsive in us. These tendencies live strong and tend to die hard. Luckily, makeup artist and cosmetic creator David Klasfeld put his obsessions to good use. After working as a part-time make-up consultant and later gaining recognition for his runway work, Klasfeld honed in on his creative vision. His obsessive desire to make the perfect cosmetic line ultimately resulted in the creation of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC). OCC celebrates makeup artists and the creative outlet they find in cosmetics. The Obsessive Compulsive collection is made from the finest ingredients and is crafted with care. OCC not only produces products that are cruelty free, they are committed to maintaining a line that does not include any animal-derived products; this includes: carmine, beeswax, or lanolin.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics offers products for eyes, lips and nails but the products that have gained the most attention are the Lip Tars. Lip Tars are essentially liquid lipsticks but in more vibrant shades. According to OCC, “Lip Tar goes on with the smoothness and ease of a lipgloss but wears like a comfortable satin finish lipstick ( Lip Tar is available in wild shades such as neon pink, teal and yellow. Wondering who would wear shades like this? Designers have been eagerly jumping on board the outrageous lip train, and Klasfeld’s shades have been seen on models walking the runway for designers such as Mary Katrantzou and Thierry Mugler. As bold as these shades may be, they can add the perfect color punch to your every day outfit. Want to kick up your little black dress? Pair it with fuschia lips. Are you daring enough to try a lip tar? Check out the full line and tell us what color you’re dying to try!

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