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The Style Guru: Not Just a Plain White Tee

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1. Statement jewellery: Add a chunky necklace for an added kick to your outfit, try a pop of colour with a neon piece, or some spikes to suit your rockability look. Don’t be afraid to try something that seems a bit extreme; necklaces are a good way to bring new life to an old outfit, and can get you the added attention without all the effort of putting a look together.

2. Try a luxe fetish leather harness over your plain white tee. Although a harness may seem a bit risqué, by pairing it with a simple top underneath you can tone down the sexual aspect and become more of a statement.

 3. Don’t be afraid to layer: I know for most of us, this seems like a fashion fail we have all attempted at a younger age. However, we can update this idea by staying away from attention grabbing undershirts, and put something interesting overtop. Try a retro crop top or 50’s bikini top, they will be warmer and a little more wearable than walking the streets in swimsuit-esque tops.

4. Try dip-dying: This is something fun and fashionable, although a small effect can go a long way. Don’t fall for the pretty tie-dye look, try picking a one or two colours and stick to it! If using a single colour, kick up the effect by dipping the shirt into the dye gradually for a gradient effect on your tee

5. For a bit of a tomboy look, roll and pin your shirt sleeves up. Its a simple, yet effective look, and for a little something special use different size safety pins, it will look purposeful rather than accidental.

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