The Style Guru: Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy

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Born and raised a Canadian girl in the prairie province of Alberta, it only seemed fitting to celebrate this year’s soon-to-be rodeo season with some help on having a fashionable take on some Western-wear. Of course there is that certain dreamboat effect of a cowboy in his Wrangler jeans and iconic cowboy hat, but what about us ladies? How do women pull off a unique flair to such a bland style?

Australian fashionista, Tania Braukamper wrote: “Part of the appeal of Western-style fashion is surely the sense of adventure we inherently tie to it. The things you can do with the weight of some sturdy cowboy boots on your feet instead of a less-practical pair of heels, the mix of unstoppable toughness and irresistible beauty.” -As taken from her article Way Out West: Kate King.
I believe there is truly something sexy about a gal who doesn’t mind getting a bit dirty, and even if rocking a pair of chaps and cowboy boots isn’t your party, their are many different aspects of this style you can incorporate into your own unique wardrobe.
Remember: Not every style has to be true to their surroundings; you don’t need to be hopping on a horse bareback out to roam the wild wild west, you can be hiking around the busy city streets, off to grab a coffee at Bewleys! Don’t be afraid to wear something a bit unrestrained and wild, add a modern twist and you can have yourself a unique Western flair.

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To pull this style together here are a few helpful tips…

• Denim is the basis of a western wardrobe: Try a good pair of boot cut jeans, or a denim top. The key is to not overdo it, so try and resist the unflattering head to toe denim look.
• Cowboy Boots: A good pair of boots is one of the key wardrobe staples; they are rugged, masculine and strong, and are the perfect mix to a feminine styled look. It’s a good way to balance pretty and tough (“Yes I’m sexy, but I can also lasso you and that cow over there!“)
• Studs: Stud your belt, your jeans, your pockets, but for heaven’s sake stud away!
• Fringe: You can never have too much fringe; leather or suede it lets you get away with cutting back on some fabric, and also helps to not reveal too much.
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Don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous, part of the sexiness that is tied with cowgirls is their confidence. So wear only what you feel comfortable in, and maybe you’ll get lucky and bump into a handsome cowboy!