Character Wear: Catwoman

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Character Wear: Catwoman
The Dark Knight Rises exploded onto screen this weekend featuring a sleek and sexy Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. This well-known actress had to slim down and tone up to slip into the butt-kicking ensemble of Catwoman. With Gotham once again in turmoil, the Dark Knight rises again to protect the city. The costumes couldn’t be more spectacular this time around so it was a must for me to break down the already incredible Catwoman body suit into something that our readers could wear.
The bodycon uni-suit Catwoman is famous for isn’t exactly an everyday ensemble, so I took some of the key elements and translated them into a classy night-time outfit. First, I chose a tight-fitting, long sleeve black cocktail dress to resemble Catwoman’s cat suit. It is the perfect little black dress for a night out on the town. The sequin detailing around the neck gives it that focal point to more than just a plain black dress. The easy go-to for your feet is a pair of black pumps. The strap down the middle of the foot and around the ankle really gives them a classy flare, keeping the entire ensemble balanced. For accessories, I chose red stud cross earrings to give the look a pop of color. To really keep the Catwoman vibe going, try a dramatic cat eye with liquid eyeliner. This eye is also perfect with a red hot lip (the simple eye allows for the dramatic lipstick look). So ladies, treat yourself to a night out in this Catwoman inspired look and show those men what you’re made of!

Sequin dress

Bakers shoes

Stud earrings

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