Character Wear: Gwen Stacy

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Character Wear: Gwen Stacy

I know it’s a few weeks after the new Spider-Man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, came out, but I just recently saw it and was in love with the cute, casual school-girl vibe they gave Emma Stone, who plays the love interest of Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy. Not only was this film viewer friendly because of the intense action and enhanced plot, but the costumes and outfits get an A as well. Gwen Stacy’s outfits are adorable and perfect if you’re starting to look for that back-to-school wardrobe! I used each piece of her garment and found something just a little different with a slight summer touch.

First, I started with a beige flowing skirt that is detailed with a brown belt. I feel this skirt shouts “school girl” with its neutral color and high-waist. On top I found a floral tank to complement the beige skirt, really bringing out a feminine touch in the outfit. The floral print matches Gwen Stacy’s girly personality. Over the tank, instead of a sweater vest, I chose this seasons ever-so-popular denim vest. It really brings a great contrast to the whole ensemble. On your feet, try a brown sandal matching the brown in the belt to even out the colors in the outfit. Gwen Stacy is a simple girl, so keep it simple with the accessories as well by trying pearl earrings and a brown leather over-the-shoulder bag. Adding a touch of pink lipstick will be the perfect touch to this late summer/back-to-school ensemble!¬† Be fun-loving, care-free, and of course studious in this adorable outfit inspired by the beautiful Gwen Stacy.

Burnout tank

Woolrich vest

Caroll skirt

Cooperative crossbody handbag

Revlon lipstick

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