Character Wear: Lori Quaid

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Character Wear: Lori Quaid

How would you feel if your whole life was a lie? What if every memory you have has been planted in your mind? This is the work of a company by the name of Rekall. They implant memories into their clients minds of the lives they would have liked to have led. Out in theaters recently, Total Recall stars Kate Beckinsale as Lori Quaid, the “wife” of Douglas Quaid, who has been a client of Rekall. Lori is of course not his real wife but a devoted Rekall employee who has been sent to play his wife and keep an eye on him. When Douglas discovers the truth, chaos breaks out and he finds himself in a fight between fiction and reality.

Lori Quaid starts out as a beautiful and devoted wife but soon enough she breaks out in her butt-kicking, all black ensemble, revealing her true identity. To achieve Kate Beckinsale’s level of butt-kicking beauty, I put together a classy outfit perfect for a casual night out! DKNY features a three-quarter-length black sheer blouse that spices up the plain black shirt Kate is seen in. On bottom, I chose a slim-fit black skinny jean to pair with the blouse.  Black skinny jeans are an easy find at most women’s apparel stores and can be a staple in any wardrobe, so be sure to pick up a pair! When Douglas finds out the secrets Rekall has been keeping, the craziness begins, requiring Lori to be on her feet in a moments notice, but of course she still has to do it in style. Lori wears a leather heeled ankle boot in the film keeping her feminine flare but with the stability of an ankle boot, she is still able to kick some butt, so I chose a similar black ankle boot to imitate. With the modern vibe of the outfit, I picked a silver cross ear cuff to keep Lori’s trendiness in check and finished off the look with a small studded clutch. Sometimes we all have to show off the bad girl in us, so why not give it a try with Lori Quaid’s look in Total Recall?

DKNY blouse

H&M slim fit jeans
$31 –

Brady black boots

Ear cuff jewelry
$11 –

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