Beauty Box: Making A Statement

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Without a doubt it has been proven in the fashion industry that makeup can really make a statement. Adding pops of color to eyes, cheeks, or lips to make an outfit complete. Makeup is not only thing making a statement lately! Nail polish is also proving to hold its own, with multiple new shades being produced. One of my all time new favorite brands is Essie Nail Polish. I wish I could own every single color, but unfortunately right now my collection is slowly growing! I’ve found a mix of unique nail colors that I absolutely love.


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One of my recent purchases has been the shade labeled Sand Tropez. Not quite a nude, but certainly no where near any shade of dark brown or black. This soft beige color compliments a tan wonderfully, and is very versatile with any color combo you may be wearing. Although not a bold statement, this nail color makes a soft subtle statement with its unique color.


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Another recent purchase was the shade Devil’s Advocate. A complete 360 from Sand Tropez, this shade is a dark black plum perfect for the fall. If you are looking to make a statement and spice up your outfit with a dark accent, this is the color for you. Not quite a full on black, but not a sheer purple, this is the perfect in-between color to fulfill that dark desire.



With a plethora of colors available to choose from Essie certainly has a shade for everyone. Smooth application and long lasting nail color, this is definitely my new favorite brand.

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