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Design DIY: Homemade Nail Polish

Design DIY: Homemade Nail Polish

How many times have you thrown away half-used eyeshadow because it was too old? Or tossed a broken eyeshadow pot cause it was too messy to use? If you’ve done either of those things before, this tutorial is for you! I can’t tell you how […]

Beauty Box: Making A Statement

Without a doubt it has been proven in the fashion industry that makeup can really make a statement. Adding pops of color to eyes, cheeks, or lips to make an outfit complete. Makeup is not only thing making a statement lately! Nail polish is also […]

Beauty Box: What A Tease

I certainly have those days where my hair just does not want to cooperate what so ever. It becomes frustrating to get that perfect pony tail or wear my hair down without it going limp. Just like most other things in life when you need […]

Beauty Box: Kiss These Lips

Of course we all know by now that I absolutely adore Benefit Cosmetics. Well, yet again, I can say that I am definitely not disappointed in my purchase! I am not really a big fan of lip stick or lip gloss for that matter. I […]

Conscious Fashion: Living Au Natural

Being fashionable is about more than just looking good; real beauty stems from the inside. Somewhere along the way though, the idea of inner beauty was changed by society and equated with being thin. Fortunately, for everyone that’s not a size zero, beauty is about […]

Conscious Fashion: H2O Revamped

Growing up in Arizona, I’m no stranger to how important drinking water is. It was almost always hotter than Hades, and, hey, I needed to stay hydrated. Because of this, plastic water bottles used to be part of my regular routine. However, when the Nalgene […]

Beauty Box: From Beach to Chic

If there is one issue that I can guarantee most females have come across in their life, besides those with friends, boys, and clothing, it is creating that little extra volume in our hair so it does not lay flat and limp. Personally, I have […]

Beauty Box: All Natural to All Out

Dying for that perfect natural look without all the fuss and confusion of how to apply? Well, I have finally found an eye-shadow palette that not only is ideal for daytime, but can be used to spice up your look for night-time as well. I […]

Conscious Fashion: The Toxic Trio

Natural this, natural that. We’ve seen these labels and heard all these claims before. But can we trust what we’re reading? In the cosmetics industry, where the FDA has little sanction, the answer points to no; it’s up to us to be informed consumers. A […]

Conscious Fashion: One Lipstick at a Time

Although slavery in the U.S was abolished in 1865, the fight against modern-day slavery continues. Human trafficking is the second fastest growing criminal industry and affects nearly 27 million victims annually. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes, Human Trafficking “involves an […]