Character Wear: Olivia Palermo from “The City”

Character Wear: Olivia Palermo from “The City”

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Remember the drama filled television series, The Hills? How about The City? Both shows were my guilty-pleasure a few years ago. One star that still steals the style spotlight (other than Lauren Conrad) is Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port’s bitchy co-worker from Diane Von Furstenburg. She made her debut with a controlling attitude, sassy remarks and remarkable style. Turn to Olivia for fashionable fall attire this season.

Olivia’s style is made up of a few fall staple items. Blazer-skirt combos and statement making sweater ensembles keep her looking fresh and fashionably focused. Colored Tote bags and layered necklaces are often rocked by the City girl, accentuating colors and patterns into her outfits. Olivia always looks put-together by layering and soft-blocking patterns.

A campus/city chic look that’s easy to put together and comfortable enough for class includes over-sized sweaters, leggings and ankle boots. A fun fall trend to add extra warmth without breaking out the pea coat just yet can be pulled off by layering an oxford shirt under a thin cardigan. Enjoy the comfort and ease of pairing fall ensembles this season!

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