Beauty Box: Goodbye Puffy Eyes

Beauty Box: Goodbye Puffy Eyes

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After a week of minimum sleep, staying up long hours of the night and having to wake up early, my appearance every day was rough to say the least. My hair looked a mess, and tons of makeup was applied, trying to hide the puffiness underneath my eyes. Unfortunately, there is no amount of makeup, or miracle eye brightener to get rid of puffy eyes completely. Luckily, with a little research I have found the perfect, and priceless way to get rid of them.

No matter if you are stuck in a dorm, or a house, every one has silverware. Get out a spoon and stick it in the freezer. You may be questioning what you are doing but trust me it works! Stick metal spoons in the freezer or for about fifteen minutes and you are golden. Place them over your eyes, be prepared for it to be chilly, but it will relieve your eye strain and puffiness in a matter of minutes.

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You do not need to spend a large amount of money on specialty products that you place on your eyes overnight to find out that they have done nothing for you in the morning. This simple and free and most of all convenient. Try and get a few extra hours of sleep at night also, but if this is a struggle get out the spoons and get going!


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