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Beauty Box: Warby Parker Eyeglasses

Beauty Box: Warby Parker Eyeglasses

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Due to an unfortunate draw of genetics, I am practically legally blind and have been so since I was in 3rd grade. I can only see clearly about a hand’s distance in front of my face and, to put it frankly, it sucks. This is especially because I had to spend all my awkward going-through-puberty years in glasses (from 3rd grade to 8th grade) and wearing glasses doesn’t help boost your confidence when you are having to deal with hair in awkward places and the first appearance of acne. So when my 14th birthday rolled around and I FINALLY got to start wearing contacts, it felt like I had a whole new outlook on life (literally). And from the day on, I never wore glasses again.

No exaggeration, I wanted nothing to do with them and eventually the prescription wasn’t even correct on them anymore so I threw them out and never got a new pair, which really frustrated my eye doctor. Every year at my annual eye appointment, my doctor would always scold me for not having a pair of glasses. He told me it was good to have a pair around just in case I got an eye infection or ran out of contact before refilling them or just to give my eyes a rest. But due to crappy insurance that barely covers the appointment, never getting an eye infection, and not so happy memories of wearing glasses, I never gave into his stern recommendations to buy a pair of glasses…until now.

Fed up with random days where my contacts absolutely refused to cooperate with me, yet still being forced to wear them because I can’t see, I finally decided to purchase a pair of glasses. Vaguely remembering a glasses company I had heard about on April Fool’s Day (see photo above, they created a fake site that sold glasses to dogs), I decided to check out what Warby Parker had to offer. I was beyond pleased and actually really excited to start wearing glasses again. They have tons of frames to choose from, they are all super cute, and they only cost $95! That is including the *lenses and shipping! They also have a really cool home try-on program where they allow you have 5 frames shipped to you, for free, so you can make sure that you pick the right glasses for your face shape and style. I didn’t try the program because I’m impatient and just wanted to get my glasses already, however each pair includes a picture of someone actually wearing that style, making it easy to determine how they’d look in real life. I ordered the Ainsworth in striped chestnut and they are bad ass! I have actually been wearing the glasses more than my contacts because I love them so much. My pair arrived less than 10 days after ordering them and they came in a beautiful case with a cleaning cloth and the sweetest thank you card.

Aren’t they lovely?

The very best part about Warby Parker is that for every pair bought, they donate a pair to someone in need. They are like the Toms of eye wear. If you are searching for a sweet new pair of frames, I highly recommend checking them out. At the very least just go look at their site because whoever does their photo shoots is a design genius. I want to print out the photos and frame them in my home, they’re that pretty.

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*My glasses actually cost $130 because I am so blind that they have to do a special thing to the lenses so you don’t have bug eyes. So keep that in mind if you’re genetically cursed like me!

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