20+ Budget Friendly Gifts For Your Best Friend

20+ Budget Friendly Gifts For Your Best Friend

Hey there! This post is a round up of 20+ budget friendly gifts for your best friend. All of these items are under $25 and would make such a sweet gift for your ride or die. From mugs to phone cases, I’ve curated some of the cutest items on the internet. See why I think each of these would be perfect for your bestie and click through the photos in the gallery below to purchase!

1.  Anthropologie Gilded Shapes Monogram Mug • Anthropologie • $10  – Wow, this mug is a stunner! Get this initial mug for the bestie that loves a little luxury in her life. Gift idea- you could fill this mug with a gold wrapped candies like Ferrero Rocher or Rolos!

2. Dash Mini Waffle Maker • $18  – Things that are miniature are so much cuter than its full sized counterpart. This is also true for this mini waffle maker. Get this for your friend who loves to cook but can’t be bothered with cluttering up her kitchen.

3. Easy Tiger Hot Stuff Mug • $15  – This sassy mug is perfect for your friend who truly is fab!

4. Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle • $18  – This beautiful water bottle is perfect for your eco-friendly, yoga going friend. It’s got a marbled plastic casing to protect the inner glass bottle and is simply gorgeous.

5. FOREVER 21 Fringe Studio Pas Mermaid Fun New York Mug • Forever 21 • $8.40  – This statement mug puts an age-old question on the table (literally), do mermaids really have more fun? You can debate the answer when you gift this sweet mug to your friend for Christmas!

6. Merlot Infused Coffee • $19.95  – This is for your coffee connoisseur friend. What a better time than the holidays to splurge on “pricey” coffee beans for your bestie?

7. Nordstrom At Home Monogram Mug • Nordstrom • $14  – Yes, another mug… they make GREAT gifts! Everyone loves mugs. This one is another pretty mug that your best friend can add to her collection. This would be so cute gifted with that bag of Merlot Infused Coffee.

8. Phone Storage Workout Bottle • $14.99  – This water bottle is really neat. It’s got a compartment to hold your phone and earbuds while you work out. This would be a great gift for your friend who loves the gym.

9. Anthropologie Night Sky Mug • Anthropologie • $14  – Look how pretty this mug is. The swirl of colors and pretty gold handle make this a great option as a gift for your best friend!

10. Ban.do ‘But First Coffee’ Thermal Travel Mug • $18  – This to go mug says it all, “But First, Coffee”. If those aren’t words to live by, I don’t know what is.

11. Fizz & Bubble 9-Pack Bath Truffle • Fizz & Bubble • $20  – This is for the friend that loves to be pampered! This bath bomb pack that is dressed up to look like cupcakes is seriously perfect!

12. FOREVER 21 Metallic Ombre Round Hair Brush • Forever 21 • $3.11  – For your friend who has luscious locks of hair, consider getting her this trendy metallic ombre hair brush.

13. Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Lavender Hair Texturizing Spray • Herbivore Botanicals • $20  – This hair texturizing spray is SO AMAZING. It smells so great and leaves hair with a great texture. This would be the perfect gift to go with that Forever 21 metallic ombre hair brush.

14. Herbivore Botanicals Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask • Herbivore Botanicals • $22  – Another Herbivore Botanicals product that everyone is talking about. This mask is supposed to leave skin feeling fresh.

15. Target Beauty Box 12 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar • $15  – This is for the friend who can’t wait for Christmas! And she loves practical beauty products too.

16. Voluspa Maison Noir “Crisp Champagne” 2 Wick Printed Tin Candle • Voluspa • $16  – This luxurious scent smells so good and comes in such a pretty tin container that can be used after the candle is used up.

17. Voluspa Maison Blanc Pink Citron 2-Wick Candle • Voluspa • $16  – This scent has a really great fruity smell and gives off a happy vibe. Get this for your upbeat, happy-go-lucky friend.

18. Urban Outfitters Critter Ring Holder • Urban Outfitters • $10  – Have a friend who recently got engaged? If so, this chic animal ring holder would be a thoughtful gift for her nightstand.

19. Recover The Pizza Iphone 6/6S/7/8 Case – White • $24  – Who doesn’t worship pizza?

20. Urban Outfitters Acts Of Insanity Game • Urban Outfitters • $24  – Get this for that friend who loves to play games! This party game lets you act out adult scenarios for your team to guess.

21. Milkyway The Eye Iphone 6/6S/7 Case – Black • $25  – I included this phone case in this list because it’s really cute and on trend and I honestly think your bff would love to have this.

22. Urban Outfitters Llama Desk Duster • Urban Outfitters • $15  – Talk about practical and fun. This llama is the perfect companion for your workaholic friend who maybe could do a little dusting with the help of this buddy.

23. Fred & Friends Pumped Up Glitter Phone Stand • Fred & Friends • $9.99  – Is your bff obsessed with her phone? How about getting her this phone stand to allow her to be hands-free! This would be a great gift to pair with one of those phone cases.

24. FOREVER 21 Puppy Graphics Notepad Set • Forever 21 • $2.11 – You guys, puppies… Gift this with some cute pencils or one of those phone cases for a cute office-oriented gift.

Happy shopping!

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20 budget friendly gifts for your best friend

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