Ever Present Past: Cat Eye Glasses

Ever Present Past: Cat Eye Glasses

  Sometimes it’s better to go against the trend. Oversized round frames have been co-opted by the hipster crowd. The proper response would of course be to do the complete opposite and embrace cat eye glass frames. Brigitte Bardot is absolutely stunning in her cat 

Ever Present Past: Annie Hall

Ever Present Past: Annie Hall

The movie Annie Hall made Diane Keaton into a style icon. If you have not seen this classic Woody Allen film you really should. Watch it as soon as you can!  The movie is sharp and witty. You can identify with Annie and laugh at 

Ever Present Past: The Drop Waist Dress

Ever Present Past: The Drop Waist Dress

The flapper girls of the 1920s led the drop waist dress trend. Wanting to break free from restrictions, the flappers loosened their waists and shortened their hems. The defining characteristic of the drop waist is that the waist occurs at the hips or below. The 

Ever Present Past: Goddess Florence

Florence Welch seems to be the goddess of our time, and for good reason too! The 25-year-old singer takes much influence from the past. Her voice echoes from the speakers like some old turn-of-the-century record player scratching with the most beautiful loud voice escaping into 

Ever Present Past: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was born in England on February 27th, 1932 to an art dealer and a former actress. She lived in the UK until her family relocated to LA to escape from World War II when she was seven. Her father opened an art gallery 

Ever Present Past: Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn was born on May 12, 1907 to a wealthy upper class family in Connecticut. Her father was a doctor and her mother was an active feminist who often attended rallies promoting women’s right to vote. Katharine would usually accompany her mom on these outings 

Ever Present Past: Louise Brooks

Hello readers! For my next few blog posts I’m going to be focusing on fashion icons from the 20th Century. This week is about a Hollywood scarlet from the 1920s. Louise Brooks, born Mary Louise Brooks, was born and raised in Cherryvale, Kansas. It is 

Ever Present Past: X-Girl

This clip is a from a 1994 impromptu fashion show in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. While a surprise fashion show may not seem that exciting and new to younger generations of people, this type of event was almost unheard of in 1994. 

Ever Present Past: Demonic Beatniks

Tomorrow night I’m going to a concert to see a band from New York, and hence I’m kinda running on a very Downtown Manhattan, Psychedelic Rock and Avant-Garde feel. So this week I’m going to be writing about The Velvet Underground and their beautiful singer, 

Ever Present Past: Some T-Please

This week is all about our everyday uniforms for work, school, play and so much more. The definition for what we will be talking about this week is below. T-Shirt also known as the Tee Shirt (tē’shûrt’) n.  1. A short- sleeved, collarless undershirt worn