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From the Editor

Design DIY: Studded Collar

Pull out your BeDazzlers ladies! This popular 70s embellishing tool is essential to studding to your heart’s content. Sure, you could use a modern day studding tool found at your local craft store, but there’s something nostalgic about using a pink, plastic stud puncher. I […]

From the Editor: Editor’s Choice

With all of the fresh content airing each week on Carbon, we know it’s hard to keep up with all the amazing columns so I wanted to give you a chance to catch up with some of my favorite recent posts. Tip: the only surefire […]

From the Editor: June/July 2012

Our June/July 2012 issue premieres today! It’s our summer issue featuring amazing brands and designers such as Snooki Shades for NYS Eyewear, CauseTee, Emma Manley, Honeybee Gardens and so many more! Download a digital copy for free with a tweet or Facebook share or purchase […]

From the Editor: Carbon, Delivered

This is the last post you will receive by email… from our old email sender anyways. We’re moving to FeedBurner! I know many of you blog readers and writers swear by FeedBurner and we do too which is why we’re moving. If you are already […]

From the Editor: CO-OPhx Presents its Second Swapportunity

Cooperative action for sustainable fashion.  It’s official, the CO-OPhx will be holding its second Clothing Swap on Sunday, April 29th from 11am-3pm in Phoenix. For those of you who don’t know what the Clothing Swap is, it’s an eco-friendly social event that allows fashionable Phoenicians […]

From the Editor: Francesca’s Fancy Flops Winners

Last week we teamed up with Francesca’s Fancy Flops for a contest to win two pairs of their bedazzled flip flops. Entrants created Polyvore sets using the pair of Fancy Flops that they were hoping to win. Check out the original post with all entries […]

From the Editor: Introducing Francesca’s Fancy Flops

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. While I’m usually dreading the Arizona summer heat, I’m always looking forward to shedding my bomber jackets and leggings and slipping into crop tees and denim cutoffs. This summer I have one more thing to […]

From the Editor: Introducing Winsome

I like to think of myself as an internet wizard at times, finding the most random sites through ridiculous searches. It’s days like today that I pride myself on my interwebbing ablilities (yeah, I said interwebbing). Today, I stumbled onto a sweet street style fashion […]

From the Editor: Introducing Clothing Swap CO-OPhx

The highly anticipated Clothing Swap CO-OPhx made its debut this past Sunday, February 26th. The event that supported stylish sustainability was a huge success. The idea stemmed from CO-OPhx Founder’s (Kelsey Wong) mission to abstain from buying new clothes for an entire year. Upon coming […]

From the Editor: Hair Cuff DIY

Who else is loving these shining metal hair cuffs that have been floating around Pinterest lately? I love that it’s a simple way of spicing up the average pony tail. After lusting over one of these, I knew I had to have one of my […]