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The Style Guru: All In The Bag

The Style Guru: All In The Bag

Fall is such a great time for not only wardrobe transitioning but accessory overhauls too! Whether edgy and bold or soft and muted, this is a great time to browse the bags! This season there’s something for everyone and pieces everyone should give a try […]

Conscious Fashion: Coffee Chic

Oh Etsy, it’s no surprise that you’ve managed to do it again. You’ve lured me in for hours and left me with a list of must-have items. Combining two of my favorites, coffee and fashion, Shaggy Baggy is a new Etsy love of mine. Shaggy Baggy […]

Linked to Fashion: Coat check; bag check!

It’s obviously coat season out there and we’d like to know what the best bang for our buck is. College Gloss gives us six fashionable and functional coats to choose from, and they’re all under $100!  1. Fitted Anomalous Coat in Dark Camel | Romwe, […]