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It’s obviously coat season out there and we’d like to know what the best bang for our buck is. College Gloss gives us six fashionable and functional coats to choose from, and they’re all under $100! 

1. Fitted Anomalous Coat in Dark Camel | Romwe, $65
The wide lapels and numerous wrist ties will lend you the air of a European fashionista.
2. Belted Woolblend Coat | Old Navy, $75
For those days you just want comfort, pull on this cozy coat.
3. Double-breasted Coat | Victoria’s Secret, $99
A rich purple will add color to your ensemble, and the double breasted style will add style.
4. Devin Military Peacoat | Delias, $90
Get cozy with a neutral gray for a streamlined winter look.
5. Letter in the Letter Box Cape | Modcloth, $100
Add stylish holiday cheer to your outfit with a rosy cape.
6. Long Wool Coat | H&M, £30
Go for the classical look while keeping warm with this long, camel trenchcoat.

Also from College Gloss, we learn tips about how to wear bags as well as which are the best for use. Handbags can complete an outfit by adding color or pattern to it. First off in finding the perfect bag is deciding what you are going to be using it for. If you tend to carry a lot of stuff in your purse you might want to go for a duffel type or carryall. If you don’t carry too much stuff with you perhaps a satchel or clutch would be more fitting. My opinion is to have one of each, or even multiples! I like to switch it up at least seasonally! Some days you’re in the mood to carry everything and some days you feel like being more simple! Make sure you have bags that will go with a lot of outfits as well as some that will pop with other outfits! The key is to explore your options!

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