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Conscious Fashion: Eco Pup

As man’s best friend and even an accessory to the stars, it’s clear that our canine friends deserve a little eco love too. Luckily, Cycle Dog feels the same way. Developed with the goal of turning old things new, Cycle Dog uses old bike tubes […]

Kingsley’s Corner: Last Week Continued..

So we finally finished our terrifying car ride and Hilary came around and picked me up off Brit’s lap. She brought me inside this new place. We had to cross many rocks to even get to the front door. Once we arrived, we came in […]

Kingsley’s Corner: Out the Door and Through the Plants

So I know now that it is okay to go outside. I have realized that Hil and Brit don’t seem to mind, but I feel kind of rebellious when I sneak out without them noticing. I’ve only been out a couple times now and each time I’m […]