Conscious Fashion: Eco Pup

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As man’s best friend and even an accessory to the stars, it’s clear that our canine friends deserve a little eco love too. Luckily, Cycle Dog feels the same way. Developed with the goal of turning old things new, Cycle Dog uses old bike tubes to create sustainable dog collars, leashes and toys.

Photo Credit: Style Kandi

Cycle Dog focuses on the environment and strives to raise awareness about the millions of bike tubes thrown into landfills every year. Bike tubes aren’t recyclable by conventional means, so repurposing them into dog accessories is a great way to give them a second life. Besides being a great candidate for reuse, you may be wondering why choose bike tubes. Bicycle tubes are flexible, non-absorbent and, best of all, durable. With the right care, these accessories can last for years. Another bonus is the great conversation starter these pieces can be. Your friends will be surprised and intrigued to learn that your pooch is wearing a recycled bike tube. Really want to impress your friends? Check out Cycle Dogs’ Pup Top Bottle Opener Leash Attachment. This nifty invention is what its name suggests; a handy bottle opener that attaches to your dogs leash. Now that’s a trick any dog can handle. Cycle Dog also offers the first molded pet toys made from post-consumer recycled materials. Like the collars and leashes, these toys are non-toxic and durable.

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