Conscious Fashion: Design Lust

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Eight years ago while walking through the mall with friends, I saw the most exquisite pair of sandals. Featuring a half-inch heel and smooth leather construction, these sandals made my mouth drop. But, the real knock-out element was the sandal strap detail. The top strap of the sandals were created from a jewel encrusted starfish design. Oh, if only I wasn’t 15 years old and walking through anthropology. Needless to say, I couldn’t afford those sandals. We’ve all had items that seem to linger on our minds; those items that wish we would have just bit the bullet and purchased. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited when I stumbled upon Hovey Lee‘s handmade jewelry and their featured Oceane bracelet.

Photo Credit: Hovey Lee

This bracelet, like the sandals my fashionista-heart still yearns for, is formed from a starfish design. As you probably guessed, there’s more to this bracelet than just its stunning design. The Oceane cuff is made from reclaimed brass and exudes strength and elegance. And, like the other pieces in the Hovey Lee collection, this bracelet falls under the eco-design category. Inspired by world cultures and unique design forms, the jewelry from Hovey Lee blends natural elements with a chic aesthetic. Working with fair trade vendors and eco-friendly material producers, collections are also founded on a respect for individuals as well as the earth. In keeping with these eco business practices, Hovey Lee works with local jewelry manufacturers that source 100% recycled metals. By using recycled materials, Hovey Lee is reducing the need to mine precious metals; an action that can have a negative impact on the environment. Another thing I love about Hovey Lee Jewelry is that they incorporate vintage and estate-jewelry into their designs. Talk about never going out of style!

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