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Since it’s a brand new year, a lot of people are thinking about their resolutions and hopefully trying to include them into their daily lives. The Next Great Generation says to Jumpstart January with a New Workout Routine. We all have different goals when it […]

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We all have days where we don’t exactly feel like doing anything more than rolling out of bed and going. Those days we want to just wear sweatpants, but still look presentable in public. College Gloss tells us how to put together a “bumming it” […]

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Holiday season is upon us which means packed stores and bitter cold weather! Shopping during the winter doesn’t have to be miserable. In this day and age everything is at our fingertips. To stay warm and dodge the crowds, online shopping is the way to […]

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Fashion is timeless. Vintage shopping and thrifting are great ways to find incredible retro clothing! I’m not very good at vintage shopping, but Life2PointOh gives people like me some great pointers. Researching places online is a great way to start. It will cut your time […]