Linked to Fashion: Secrets to Vintage Shopping

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Fashion is timeless. Vintage shopping and thrifting are great ways to find incredible retro clothing! I’m not very good at vintage shopping, but Life2PointOh gives people like me some great pointers. Researching places online is a great way to start. It will cut your time down a little bit and you will be able to pinpoint a store more toward what you’re looking for. Life2PointOh says to Yelp Away! Check out the reviews and find the store you want to visit! Once you’ve found some stores on Yelp, you can see if they have their own personal website, because Websites Are Your Friend. If they do, you may be able to look at their inventory and prices from home. The third bit of advice is Try, Try, Try Again. Don’t be discouraged if when you go to the store you find that it may not be properly organized or may not have different sizes of a particular item.  Part of vintage shopping is finding one of a kind pieces. Also, be sure to try on items before purchasing. You want something that flatters! When in Doubt, Ask. Don’t hesitate to ask advice from the sellers. If you want some background on the item, there’s no need to be shy! Once you find that perfect item Research, Research, Research! Look online to find out where the piece came from and which era as well as the best way to take care of the garment. You won’t want to ruin your one of a kind piece!

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