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Linked to Fashion: Be Bright!

One of the trends of the season is bright colored denim and College Gloss gives us some pointers on the best way to pull off the look! The denim colors come anywhere from light pastels to intense pinks! If you follow the guidelines you’ll be […]

Linked to Fashion: Size is just a number!

In the world of fashion it’s not all about the clothing! Its also about the way we feel in the clothes and if we’re not confident in ourselves then we’re not going to shine in our fashions! College Gloss wrote a fabulous article called “It’s […]

Linked to Fashion: Secrets to Vintage Shopping

Fashion is timeless. Vintage shopping and thrifting are great ways to find incredible retro clothing! I’m not very good at vintage shopping, but Life2PointOh gives people like me some great pointers. Researching places online is a great way to start. It will cut your time […]

Linked to Fashion: Fall from Head to Toe

Fall is in the air and it just so happens to be my favorite season! Fall fashion incorporates warm colors and layer upon layer of fabulous style! Having good fashion isn’t just about the clothing; fashion is head to toe! I’ve looked into a few […]