Conscious Fashion: Denim Dilemma

Conscious Fashion: Denim Dilemma

We’ve all got a favorite pair of jeans.  Some of us have more than one favorite. Stack O JeansI, for one, have closer to ten favorites. But they aren’t my favorites forever.

My jeans have died many deaths: Everything from stains, to rips, to holes, to wear-and-tear and even the lethal “pull your jeans out for fall and they don’t seem to fit anymore…” syndrome can befall my poor denim.

The question is: What happens to my denim now?  There are so many great ideas for recycling denim, but these are my favorite:

My crafty friend, Erica, uses her old jeans to make change purses and makeup bags.  I’ve tried this and the only challenge is that denim is a really thick fabric.  To make it a little easier, don’t try to sew on the pockets.  The double layer of denim is killer.  Here’s a good pattern for a makeup bag.

GM recycles jeans.  Their landfill-free facilities are scrupulous in using every piece of discarded material to manufacture their cars.  They use recycled cotton from clothes and- you guessed it- jeans in their cars’ interiors and carpets.  Their 2012 Ford Focus line will have this awesome feature.

Or you can take your jeans to a thrift store.  This is my personal favorite.  I want my jeans to live on in all their glory, not end up shredded into pieces and blended into a car’s interior.  Lucky for me, places like Name Brand Exchange, Plato’s Closet, and Buffalo Exchange buy lightly-used jeans (and other clothes). Whatever you decide to do with them, just don’t forget that even in the after life, your favorite jeans deserve some love!

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