Linked to Fashion: Nail Effects!

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I have a slight obsession with nail polish. It’s one of those things, like magazines, that when you’re at the store you pick up a new color. Or maybe that’s just me! I love trying new nail colors or adding glitter here and there. The things that fascinate me the most these days are the many different amazing effects people can do with their nail art. College Gloss shares their two favorite styles with us; Magnetic Polish and the Wyndham Collection. Magenetic polish comes in three different colors. Once you’ve painted your nails you use the magnetic strip that comes with the nail polish and just hold it above your nails to create a magnetic effect. The Wyndham Collection comes with two bottles of polish; one is the color and the second is the glitter. Apply the color first and top with glitter to give a glittery galactic effect! You can pick both polish collections up at Sephora!

You can always go classic colorful for this winter or even two tone it up with red and a beautiful sparkley tip. Get creative this holiday season to acheive a fantastic accessory on your fingers!


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