Conscious Fashion: J’adore Amour Vert

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Made in the US, by a Parisian designer and allwrapped up in a big green ribbon- sounds good, right? Amour Vert is exactly that. Translating to mean “green love”, this brand proves that French chic can even make its mark in the world of sustainable fashion. Parisian designer Linda Balti set up the brand when she teamed up with student and entrepreneur Christoph Freshee in order to create a fashion line that did not exchange style for sustainability.


The clothes are produced solely in the US to reduce their carbon footprint, and the materials used by the brand range from organic cotton to peace silk. Despite sounding like something to do with warzones, peace silk simply means that after the silk worms produces the material, they are not killed afterwards as they would be according to normal procedure. It allows the worms to emerge from their cocoons as moths and live after kindly producing all of this material for us to use. Sounds like a fair deal to me! This dedication to using completely environmentally responsible materials really sets Amour Vert apart as taking our environmental crisis seriously.

Amour Vert also creates some stunning jewellery and bags, so you really could dress in the brand from head to toe and show your true dedication to the world we live in! Their most recent Spring/Summer collection features some great cotton summer dresses in a variety of popping colours, as well as some canvas bags perfect for the beach. There are even some colourful wrap dresses with a more formal edge perfect for the office, if that’s where you’ll be spending this summer. No wonder it’s one of the US’s leading eco-friendly brands; it has you covered from head to toe!


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