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Author: Sophie Lioe

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure

Charity shops, second-hand stores- whatever you want to call them, let’s face it. You either love them or hate them. That musty smell and the thought of wearing old-lady clothes is enough to put most people off when there is the tempting option of cheap, […]

Conscious Fashion: The Life of a Fashion Magazine

Conscious Fashion: The Life of a Fashion Magazine

So from the winding streets of Amsterdam to the hipster ghettos of Berlin, my travels have yet again proven to be some inspiration to the world of Fashion Consciousness. While in our hostel I stumbled across this amazing free-standing collage down one of the corridors. […]

Conscious Fashion: Bike Rides

Hallo from Amsterdam! I’m currently travelling around Europe to finish off the summer and our first stop is Amsterdam. Despite its reputation for a hedonistic, indulgent lifestyle, the city is nothing like you would imagine. Laid back, friendly and super-stylish; everything here is calm and […]

Conscious Fashion: Olympic Gold

So the whole world has gone sports mad it seems! Even for the least likely sports enthusiasts, it is difficult to deny the infectious feeling that the Olympics have brought over the past couple of weeks. The bright lights of London have kept us all […]

Conscious Fashion: Westwood Saves The World

The queen of fashion. The grandmother of punk. The charity heavyweight. Who am i talking about? Vivienne Westwood of course! The eccentric flame-haired designer has defined the British fashion scene for decades, and has spread her taste for the unexpected worldwide. But it’s not just […]

Conscious Fashion: Butter Me Up

Butter isn’t exactly a word that conjures up images of colour and glamour, is it? Yet the cosmetics company butter LONDON is on its way to do just that. I first came across the brand when it became the latest cosmetics line to be stocked […]

Conscious Fashion: Blogging About Blogs

What better way to spend a spare few minutes than getting lost in the wonderful world of blogs, and green ones at that. Here’s a quick rundown of some of my favourite ones, some which you may have heard of, some not. So if you’ve […]

Conscious Fashion: Born To Dye

So we all love color, right? Even if you’re an all-black type of gal, the clothes that we choose to wear are nothing without the colored dyes that are used to create them. Anything from fashion week runway shows to the mannequins in Topshop are […]

Conscious Fashion: Wardrobe Detox

Bored? Sick of your wardrobe? Follow these 3 easy steps to wardrobe bliss! 1. We all know we have too many clothes, and your wardrobe most likely contains T-shirts from five summers ago and dodgy denim from your childhood. There’s nothing better than spending a […]

Conscious Fashion: J’adore Amour Vert

Made in the US, by a Parisian designer and allwrapped up in a big green ribbon- sounds good, right? Amour Vert is exactly that. Translating to mean “green love”, this brand proves that French chic can even make its mark in the world of sustainable […]