Conscious Fashion: Blogging About Blogs

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What better way to spend a spare few minutes than getting lost in the wonderful world of blogs, and green ones at that. Here’s a quick rundown of some of my favourite ones, some which you may have heard of, some not. So if you’ve got a few spare moments on your lunch break or you want to while away a few hours on a rainy afternoon, why not take a look and be inspired.


This is a well established blog that has everything from a House & Garden section to an interesting paragraph on environment-related fashion industry facts. The site gives up to date news on what’s going on today’s fashionably green world.



With everything from DIY projects to video uploads on any number of topics, this blog is an excellent stop for a little inspiration.


Packed full of news on every aspect of green living that you can think of! It’s got a section on fashion, gadgets and even tourism. Proving that a green lifestyle is most definitely within your reach.


You could be lost on this site for hours, trust me. Run by an expert team of green-loving ladies, this website is the basis for their New-York based creative agency, helping to build brands with environmental sustainability in mind.


“Making the world a greener place, one dress at a time”- sounds perfect to me.

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