Beauty Box: What A Tease

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I certainly have those days where my hair just does not want to cooperate what so ever. It becomes frustrating to get that perfect pony tail or wear my hair down without it going limp. Just like most other things in life when you need an answer about how to fix something, well I at least always go to my mom. Once again, she had the solution to my problem. She let me borrow her teasing brush, and now I am addicted to it. So of course, I had to go out and get my own Monroe Teasing U Brush.


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I call this little brush my miracle as it always helps me to achieve the perfect amount of volume in my hair for whatever look I may be going for. Instead of dealing with a giant brush trying to tease my hair, or flimsy plastic combs that always get stuck, this little brush has thick bristles allowing for a tight, but flexible amount of volume. My favorite time to use this is for ponytails, I spray in my KMS SeaSalt Spray (another one of my favorite products), dry my hair and then tease it. With the combination of the sea salt spray and the extra teasing I can assure that my hair is not going anywhere for the night.

Don’t be left out and limp, I say put down all of the hairsprays and mousses, grab one of these miracle brushes and start teasing. I have my friends hooked on this now too, they always ask me to tease their hair and want to borrow my brush! For $10 this is a bargain and a little tool that I take with me almost everywhere!

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